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We are a custom web design company in Melbourne that helps solar installers achieve their dream.
Solar panel coming out of laptop

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I would love to have more leads, but hardly any come in."

Solar installer pain point - no leads

“Why does my site look the same as my competitors?”

Solar installer pain point - site appears the same as others

“Why can’t more people find me on Google?”

Solar installer pain point - poor search results

“Once I do get a lead, I need to give discounts in order to win the job.”

Solar installer pain point - discount
Lucian Wu, director of Creative Nurds

If they do, I help solar companies exactly like yours.

Hi, I'm Lucian

I can help you:

- Understand the problems your customers are facing
- Increase the number of quality leads you get online
- Spread renewable energy to more homes and businesses

In the last 8 years, over 700 solar installers across Australia have gone broke.

I want to help you avoid joining that list.

Our web design services have been featured in:

top tips

Quick and easy fixes

Don't show price upfront

As soon as you start talking about price, your customer will see you as a commodity.

When that happens, you are no longer seen as the expert, but a labourer.

Instead, show what is unique about your business, and how you can solve their problems.

You can only charge higher fees if you are seen as an expert.

Also, remove that slider. Here’s why.

Custom web design - don't show price upfront
Custom web design - Show you are the expert

Stop talking about your features

Your customers don’t care about you or your features.

They only care if you are able to solve their problems.

Find out what problems they are facing, articulate them, and describe how you are able to solve those problems better than anybody else.

Custom web design - Stop talking about your features
Custom web design - Talk about customer's pain points

Don’t have big walls of text

Your readers scan your page for large headlines that interests them.

They will only read on further if what you say is of value to them.

Instead, use headings, images and dot points to illustrate your point of view.

Custom web design - Don't show big wall of text
Custom web design - Split your page up into sections

Projects we've worked on

We specialise in helping solar, battery and energy companies accelerate and reach the next level.

Here are some snippets of what we've done.


Sonnen home page redesign by Creative Nurds

Hortus Energy

Hortus Energy home page redesign by Creative Nurds

Jet Solar - read case study

48 Solar

Solar Future

Solar Future home page redesign by Creative Nurds

Solar Tactics

Solar Tactics home page redesign by Creative Nurds


Animated bar graphs

They can tell stories, and support your point of view

Use these stories to show your vision and progress that a static graph image can't
Get one created for you

If you want to achieve your goals, you should take up my free solar growth hack email course

Lesson 1:

How to be an expert

An expert solves your customer's problems. Seek to serve, not to sell.

Lesson 2:

How to show expertise on your website

Specialise into a niche and give value, either in education or entertainment.

Lesson 3:

How to determine real value with a customer

Identify the motivation behind the customer enquiring about a solar system. Customers value different things.

Lesson 4:

How to write the perfect proposal

Reiterate the value conversation, offer options and discuss the proposal with customer together.

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Emmy Cui

Emmy Cui

Lucian has been so professional and patient throughout the whole process. He made the whole process quite seamless for us and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Creative Nurds and will continue to work with Lucian for our later projects!

Jocelyn Medina Ihalas

Jocelyn Medina Ihalas

Our website now looks great and functions really well. We can now easily create an appointment for our staff onto their calendar, process credit card payments, send an email via our intranet.

Sean Wang

Sean Wang

Lucian is an extremely creative, detail-oriented designer, a hands-on Website and marketing design Expert, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done under tight time constraints. his ability to think outside the box adds tremendous value to the concepts and ideas that are at hand. Creative Nurds will always be my top choice for my business and projects

Customer Testimonials

Get regular nurd alerts to improve your solar business

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