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We help solar companies increase profits by making data-driven decisions.

Growing a solar company is hard. We can make it easier, faster and less stressful for you.

  • Drive more leads
  • Automate sales processes
  • Reduce Inefficiencies
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Revenue generated


We have generated over $2.3m for our solar company clients

Panels installed


Our clients have installed an additional 6000 panels.

Industries we help


We help companies in the solar industry only. Sorry.

Renew Economy
Solar Proof
Energy Source and Distribution
Solar Calculator
Renewable Energy World
Top Property
Victorian Cleantech Cluster
Eastern Innovation
Pylon Observer

We know that growing your solar company is hard. 

Really hard.

Most of the jobs you’re getting are through word of mouth recommendations. 

But it’s not a steady stream. 

You don’t know where your next customer is coming from.

Or sometimes too many customers enquire at the same time. 

And now you have to organise staff, equipment, inspections.

And then it dies down again.

And when you’re not getting enough leads, you think about marketing again.

Should you dump $3k into Facebook ads? You heard one of your mates do really well. 

Should you start a blog? 

Start a Youtube channel? 

Post installations on Instagram?

What about your website?

Your business already has a website.

It’s okay. It works, but it doesn’t look “professional”.

You just can’t put your finger to it.

You get a slow trickle of leads, but not anywhere near when you hoped it would be.

You’re on this page because you feel like your business isn’t where you would like it to be.

Or perhaps you’re exactly where you want to be, but you just want to accelerate.So you can have more time.

More time to work on your business.

More time away from your business.

More time with your family.

You can have it.

Services for solar companies

Web design and Development icon

Web Design and Development

  • Bring your vision to life
  • Goal orientated design
  • Turn your website into a sales machine
  • Website that matches your ambition
Consulting and strategy icon

Web Consulting and Strategy

  • Know where to invest
  • Proven content strategy
  • Understand your customers
  • Understand your competitors
Business Automation Icon

Business Automation

  • Remove inefficiencies
  • Reduce human error
  • Improve bottom line profit
  • Spend less time on manual tasks

Actual results

One of our clients’ websites converts at an amazing 8.09%

8% Conversion Image

In 14 months, we increased organic search traffic by an incredible 493 times.

Organic Traffic increase
Jet Solar
EIS Solutions
Go Sunny
We Wire Solar
Urban Renewables
Sunscape Solar
Generate Energy
Beam Solar
All about solar
Formosa Electrics
Evergreen Electrical
One team Energy


Reputable solar companies ask us to get help on a solar website

You wouldn't ask a GP to operate on your brain.

Or see a dentist for your heart.

Why would you want a non specialist to help you on a problem that only specialists can understand?

Some of our work

Solar website projects we've delivered

We Wire Solar

I finally understand who my customers are, and what they need.
I didn’t know or care about what my customers pain points are.
This makes complete sense.
I now feel like I have a competitive advantage against my competitors because I now understand my customers.
Leigh Lo-Nigro

Leigh Lo-Nigro

Project iPad Image

Evergreen Electrical

"Lucian provided the Evergreen Team a fantastic service. His communication and delivery was on point through the whole project. We will continue to use Lucian."
Troy Fox

Troy Fox

Project iPad Image

Formosa Electrics

"Creative Nurds were used to create my companies website.  

Unlike most website designers Lucian presented me with case studies on some of his previous websites and didn't have an approach of copy and paste from company to company on the same template.

He very thorough and give really great insight.

I'm so glad I went with Creative Nurds and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Joseph Koning

Joseph Koning

Project iPad Image

Jet Solar

"Due to the rapid growth of our business in the last 12 months, we've had to upgrade our website and our online presence as I've had a very average stock website before this.

So I came across the team at Creative Nurds, and they've designed a solar and battery specific website.

So far its have had proven results and being successful not only in sales but also in our online support via our inquiry form online."
Jason Dickinson

Jason Dickinson

Project iPad Image

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