Case Study: Jetsolar

About Jetsolar

Jetsolar is a solar installation company in Melbourne. Jason Dickinson is the proud owner of the company and has been running it for many years.

It is one of the highest-rated solar companies on Solar Quotes in Victoria and that is where most of the leads come from.

Jet Solar’s website was converting leads from these visitors at about 2.47% via a simple form at the bottom of the page. 

Our goal was to improve the number of visitors becoming leads. 

We did end up doing that.

This is an increase of 71%. 

And here's what Jason had to say about his new website.

Here's a look at what the site looked like before we started.


When I am analysing a page, I think to myself, “Does this section solve the target customer’s problem?”

Here are the problems that I could see that are preventing the conversion rate being higher.

Big wall of text

Immediately after the main feature image, visitors are met with a large wall of text. Visitors will scan for large headlines and only read further if it appeals to them. 

We have very limited time to capture our audience’s attention. A text block of 270 words is not the way to do that.

There are many great segments that should be pulled out, put into an image or a bullet point to make it easier for a reader to digest.


Educating consumers is the right thing to do. Giving value (especially for free) shows that you are an expert in your field.

However, it adds no extra value to the visitor. It should be a link to a blog post dedicated to educating the visitor about rebates.

Showing products

Showing products does not increase the chance of conversion. The products can be used by any other solar installer. There is no specialty or intellectual property that competitors have no access to.

Showing products is part of the solution, which should be conducted over the phone or face to face. If products need to be shown, it should be shown at the very end. 

No social proof

Social proof in the form of testimonials or videos were not shown. Social proof is one of the best ways to increase the chance of conversion.

One of Jetsolar’s best selling features is that it is one of the highest rated solar installer on Solar Quotes. 

In addition, a website should show how many projects that it has successfully completed. This was missing and is a great way of showing social proof. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Although not critical, search engine results impact heavily on the click through rate. There is no favicon.

The speed of the website was also not acceptable:

2.5 second loadtime with a 8MB page size seems to be overkill.

There were many things that could be improved. 


Before I look into the look of the website, I think about the purpose of the website. What are the pain points of the target customers and how will we solve them?

Some customer pain points that were considered:

  • Have visited crap solar on Facebook and are afraid of subcontracting out work
  • Want to hire a company that can be trusted
  • Don’t want to have a system installed that will break in less than 5 years.
  • Wants to be reassured that they are taken care of post installation.

Armed with these questions, below is what the site looks like, and the steps I took to get to that point.

Colour Scheme

The logo was not going to be changed, and was used as the basis for the whole site. 

The main two colours of Yellow #FAE602 and Blue #0F4F84 was to be the accent and main colours respectively. All other colours were derived from those. 

Above the fold


We need to ensure that a visitor seeing this page for the first time understands exactly what Jet Solar is all about. 

Jet Solar is all about solar installations. In fact, they hold a distinction that no other installer can match - highest rated in Victoria. 

This gives informs the visitor that they are at the right place, and that Jet Solar can help them solve their problems.

Bottom bar:

To build trust, this is the location to show the amount of experience and the number of customers that Jet Solar has helped. In addition, talking about how much carbon has been saved will help convince the customers that are more focused on fighting climate change than being price sensitive.

Solving customer’s pain points

“Choosing a solar installer is hard” is being empathetic to our target customer. In truth, it is not an easy task because there are many businesses that are masquerading as high quality when they are not.

The pain points were identified earlier and were addressed one by one as soon as the visitor scrolls down.

Social Proof

Testimonials are one of the best ways to show social proof.

It is important to know that these are real customers who have posted on Solar Quotes about their experience. They have all given 5 stars out of 5. 

The more detail about these customers, the more convincing. It would’ve been great to include a photo of each customer, but they were not available.


This is a simple animation with the intention to create depth and give off the impression of a vast amount of experience.

More images with different dimensions and sizes can be added in the future with ease. 

Search engine optimisation

Here’s an improved Google Search Results page showing the logo as a favicon, as well as an optimised header and description

Site performance has also been improved.

  • Page sized reduced from 7.96MB to 2.64MB (75% reduction)
  • Page load speed improved from 2.5s to 1.5s (60% faster)
  • Pagespeed Score from F (3%) to A (92%).

Most importantly, the conversion rate went from 2.47% to 4.23%. 

This is an increase of 71%. 

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