Portfolio of projects

Below is a small sample of some of our work. We design and develop websites for the solar and renewable energy industry only because we believe that if they succeed, we all succeed.

Solar Future

Solar Future is a company specialising in delivering quality commercial solar installations in Melbourne.

They really wanted to have a design that shows off their capabilities and their specialisation in commercial projects only.

We were engaged to help them with:
Logo design
Copy on all pages
Web design
Web development

Content Management System: 

Live Preview

Hortus Energy

Hortus Energy is a small family owned solar residential solar installer operating in Sydney.

They wanted to show that they were able to add additional value to local residents without the need to be the cheapest around.

We were engaged to help them with:
Copy on all pages
Web design
Web development

Content Management System: 

Energy Synapse

Energy Synapse is a company that consults for and helps businesses save money using renewable energy options.

Their front page hasn't been updated whilst their business has grown and did not showcase their strengths and capabilities

Images shown on the top are the old design, while images shown below are the new design.

This redesign showed what can be improved to highlight expertise and create trust.


Here's a small video showing the process behind creating a simple landing page for a small solar retailer.

Software used:

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