About Creative Nurds

Hi, I'm Lucian.

And this is what I'm made of:

I love building websites.

I built my first site when I was 13 years old.  

On Geocities.

This is what I look like when I build a website.

Websites have changed since then, but my passion stayed with me.

When I tell people I specialise in building websites for the solar industry, I usually get two distinct responses:

  • Why do you specialise in one industry?
  • Why the solar industry?

So here are my answers.

Why specialise in one industry?

I am a firm believer of the saying, "Marketing to everyone is marketing to no-one".

By focusing all my energy on one particular field, I am able to gain a deep understanding of the industry far greater than a "jack of all trades" web designer.

In addition, I know greater number of people within the industry and am able to keep up with the latest trends.

This all results in a better outcome for my customers.

My aim is to be the leading industry expert in Australia in my chosen specialisation.

Why the solar industry?

I have had the following internal dialogue before.

solar specialisation meme

I love memes. Memes are the best.

But I am also passionate about fighting climate change.

I fear that if we don't take action immediately, our children won't be able to enjoy what our planet has to offer.

Indeed, there are many ways where one can take action. Eg. Going into politics, educating the next generation, electric cars, energy storage, etc.

For me, I feel solar panel installers generally don't have engaging websites, or have websites that don't communicate their messages well enough to their potential customers.

If this can be improved, their businesses will be able to affect many more people.

Building better websites for the solar industry is where I feel I can add the most value

This is where I can make a difference

This is where I can turn the needle.

Building websites is my passion.

Fighting climate change with renewable energy sources is my drive.

Intersecting these two is my dream.