Australia's lack of renewable energy investment

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Most of Australia's population is on the east coast.

Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria is around 36% of Australia's Land Mass.

But it houses more than 80% of Australia's population.

Each state's renewable energy penetration in 2018

The states that have the most population have the least renewable energy generated.

(WA is negligible)

Target for 2030

Why are renewable energy targets for the 3 most populous states around 50%?

But South Australia and Tasmania are aiming for 100%?

Are we just waiting for old coal power plants to retire before replacing them?

Renewable Energy Investment (USD $m)

For a decade, wind and solar investment was gradually increasing.

Until 2018 when much of the investment dried up. Investment now is lower than it was in 2017.

The fall in large scale wind and solar investment is the largest in the world.

Perhaps due to the Coalition government refusing to lift the emissions reduction target and continually discredit wind and solar.

24 active coal plants in Australia

There are 24 active coal plants in Australia, and we will need more than 30GW to replace them.

But we may need up to 47GW in order to cap average global warming to under 1.5 degrees.

There is still hope. This can be done.

Replacing old with new

What we must not do is replace old coal power plants with new coal power plants.

But this is exactly what Scott Morrison is still proposing.

With a Government refusing to acknowledge the advantages of solar and wind, no wonder there is lack of investment.

Lucian Wu

Lucian is passionate about fightin climate change. He is an engineer, husband, father of 2 boys, solar panel enthusiast and hopes to one day own a Tesla. Sometimes, he wakes up at 4am to watch Liverpool FC play.